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Global Technologies' products are versatile,
environmentally safe, and cost-effective.

Global Technologies, Inc.
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Global Technologies does not use masking agents.
When you eliminate the cause of the problem, you also eliminate the problem itself. And that's precisely how Global's solution works.
   It doesn't attempt to mask odors. It gets to the root of the problem, by destroying organically based odor-causing bacteria on contact, both in the air and on surfaces.
   With Global's products, your odor problems disappear completely. Global doesn't get rid of some of the problem or most of the problem, it gets rid of all of the problem - on an ongoing basis.
40 zone computer controlled odor control system. Capacity extends from single nozzle to 1,000 nozzle applications.

Pictured: 600 nozzle system currently in use at a waste-to-energy plant.
Global space-age technology.
Global's system includes meticulously engineered time-release hardware, consisting of a solid-state timer, a medical-type oiless compressor and an atomizing nozzle. Together they combine to release a fine mist of Global products into the air in predetermined and regulated amounts automatically 24 hours a day. Global offers you a wide range of odor-fighting options. There's one combination that's exactly right for your specific odor problem.
Global versatility.
Although the basic unit is modular in design, it can also be expanded to accommodate whatever number of additional units your individual situation requires. Global versatility is infinite. Not only that, but the high-technology Global system can also be custom-timed to adapt to any odor situation. Time of release and intervals of release can be programmed in advance, ensuring that Global products will penetrate everwhere - areas that manpower alone cannot reach. In effect, the air itself becomes odors' worst enemy. It is everywhere, and, with it, so is Global.
Global environmentally safe products.
Despite its deadly effectiveness at eliminating odors, Global products are environmentally friendly. Because the dispensing system is non-aerosol, it is therefore non-toxic and completely CFC-free, making it safe for human inhalation and to the ozone layer, a growing environmental concern throughout the world. Global products consist of a careful and considered blending of natural ingredients which work together to eliminate odors the same way nature does, only faster.




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