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Global Technologies' products are versatile,
environmentally safe, and cost-effective.

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Bacta-Pur Bactivator Systems Are Automatic!
The systems continuously grow, condition and deliver precise quantities of actively growing beneficial [Bactivator]microorganisms selected for their ability to digest grease, clean pipes and prevent noxious odors. Bacta-Pur® Bactivators have been designed and engineered to overcome inadequacies of other systems. Dormant cultures poured or pumped from a bottle or pail flow through and out of a grease trap or drain lines before they even wake up. Grease traps and drain lines receive intermittent doses of cleansers and sanitizers that kill microorganisms -- the good with the bad. Continuous addition of active cultures, of the highest concentraion, is the only way to maintain active communities of beneficial microorganisms within grease traps and drain lines.
Global Offers State-of-the-Art Biotechnologies
Bacta-Pur® biotechnologies have developed a worldwide reputation for state-of-the-art ecological engineering. Now our on-site techniques of physiological engineering of microorganisms to optimize process control have been automated to save operator time and money. Bacta-Pur® bioaugmentation products are 100% natural; they contain only natural beneficial microbes, which have been on Earth for millions of years. Since 1984, they have been grown in the right proportions to create powerful teams capable of converting pollutants into carbon dioxcide, water and biomass.
Global Guarantees Quality Assurance
The Bacta-Pur quality assurance program guarantees optimal activity and absence of pathogens in every batch. All Bacta-Pur Bactivators are factory callibrated and tested, prior to shipping.
Global approved by Massachusetts DEP
The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection approved Bacta-Pur® products as septic system additives in accordance with Section 15.027 of Title 5. It has been determined that these products will not harm septic system components, including the bonmat, or adversely affect system function or the environment, when used on a schedule recommended by the manufacturer.




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