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Global Technologies' products are versatile,
environmentally safe, and cost-effective.

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[Commercial Products]

[Bacta-Pur Bactivator]
Grease & Sludge Control

Five models are available: LS100, LS200, LS300, LS400 & LS500. Beneficial microorganisms, nutrients and replacement supplies are provided in complete Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATOR KITs.

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[Odor Control System]
Odor Control

40 zone computer controlled odor control system. Capacity extends from single nozzle to 1,000 nozzle applications.

600 nozzle system currently in use at a waste-to-energy plant.

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[Odor Control System]
Bacta-Pur® POND

Treat your pond or lake with our innovative, natural Bacta-Pur® POND solution to keep it clear of unwanted weeds and algae.

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