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Global Technologies' products are versatile,
environmentally safe, and cost-effective.

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GLOBAL HAS PROVIDED TURNKEY ODOR CONTROL SOLUTIONS to companies in virtually every industry. Global Odor Control is a family owned and operated business that will work with you to assess and control your grease, sludge and odor problems.
   Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATORs contain five principle components, which are mounted in a rotomolded cabinet of polyethylene:
The Reservoir contains up to a 30 day supply of beneficial microorganisms and nutrients, thus minimizing filling frequency.
The Dual Head Dosing Pump delivers precise quantities of the beneficial microorganisms- nutrient mixture and water to the bioreactor.
The Bioreactor has two growth chambers; aeration is supplied to both chambers by an air pump. The first chamber, which receives the incoming beneficial microorganisms/nutrients and water, contains an immersion heater to maintain the optimal growth temperature. This chamber serves to bring the beneficial microorganisms out of dormancy and begin their growth. The flowing culture then enters the second growth chamber before leaving the system and being fed into the drain or grease trap.

Bacta-Pur® System - the most cost-effective solution
The Electrical System is available for 110-120v, 60 Hz or 220-240v, 50Hz service. UL/CSA approved components are used.
An Integral Backflow Prevention System eliminates any possibility of back flow into water lines.
A Chlorine Filtration System provides a clean water supply for bacterial growth.

Bacta-Pur® BACTIVATORs have been engineered to cost-effectively overcome all of the above challenges by automatically performing the following operations:

Grow the beneficial microorgranisms to increase their numbers;
Activate the beneficial microorganisms to be in a rapid phase of growth, to digest grease and sludge, prior to their addition to the traps and drains;
Add precise quantities of active cultures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.





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