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Bacta-Pur® POND

Case Study: National Shrine of Our Lady of LaSalette, Attleboro, MA



Global Technologies’ team of professionals visited the La Salette Rosary Pond in July of 2004
•The pond’s water was cloudy and covered with algae
•Extremely overgrown
•Filled with both surface and underwater weeds
•The overgrowth was affecting the purity of the water and habitat of the pond’s fish

Global Technologies recommended that the pond be treated with eight liters of Bacta-Pur® POND every week, for an initial eight weeks.
•Bacta-Pur® POND was diluted with pond water in a 55-gallon drum
•The solution was sprayed over the pond’s surface using an extended spray wand
•Two pumps ran continuously to make sure the solution permeated the entire pond

The treatment of the Rosary Pond was a resounding success
• The water quickly returned to pure and clean
• The pond’s fish were unharmed by the treatment and are now visible from the surface
• The Rosary Pond is once again clean and beautiful for all to enjoy





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